1) Involving or comprising action; active.

2) Existing in act or reality; really acted or acting; in fact; real; -- opposed to potential, possible, virtual, speculative, conceivable, theoretical, or nominal; as, the actual cost of goods; the actual case under discussion.

3) In action at the time being; now exiting; present; as the actual situation of the country.


1) Something actually received; real, as distinct from estimated, receipts.

Example Sentences for


1) She sank into him, melted, her body pressing against his, robbing his mind of Actual thought
2) The Actual birth date of Guru Nanak is 15 April
3) Thus speaking, and sobbing aloud, the unhappy creature turned away; while Rose Maylie, overpowered by this extraordinary interview, which had more the semblance of a rapid dream than an Actual occurance, sank into a chair, and endeavoured to collect her wandering thoughts.
4) He trailed off, the pressure of his grip hard enough to reveal his distress at his inadequacy without Actual words
5) Gone is the Actual person with his strengths and flaws
6) All of the Magnus Liber is for two voices , although little is known about Actual performance practice : the two voices were not necessarily soloists
7) The term also refers to an Actual computer implementing or simulating the idealized stack machine
8) It is convenient in a way that moralizing involves a backward glance, since it means that morality is unlikely to interfere with your Actual behaviour in the present.
9) Analysis of an Actual experiment found this to be false when it was found that to collapse a quantum wave-function , measurement alone is sufficient -LRB- for example by a Geiger counter -RRB- , rather than conscious observation of the measurement
10) There is nothing in the Actual world to back it up.
11) It is convenient in a way that moralizing involves a backward glance, since it means that morality is unlikely to interfere with your Actual behaviour in the present.
12) The word fanfare can also used to mean an event with a lot of publicity , even if there is no Actual music
13) It is thus not surprising that letters should become a kind of metaphor of sexuality itself, even if the Actual body is necessarily absent from them.
14) image_shield = Actual Targoviste CoA
15) This color may also be called light floral lavender as it is the color of the lighter outer part of the Actual flower of the lavender plant
16) Logistics has to do with moving troops and feeding them and just about everything except the Actual fighting, which is tactics.
17) There is perhaps nothing so admirable in Christianity and Buddhism as their art of teaching even the lowest to elevate themselves by piety to a seemingly higher order of things, and thereby to retain their satisfaction with the Actual world in which they find it difficult enough to liveóthis very difficulty being necessary. 62.
18) The fact that Ulysses exists suggests that the two figures, or rather the qualities they respectively represent, have indeed had a constructive encounter, however casual and inconclusive their Actual contact in the book.
19) He is also the Actual father of blues musician Big Bill Morganfield
20) In discussing the languages Tolkien invented , it is necessary to consider two aspects : their real-world history , namely their Actual development by Tolkien as a philologist , and their fictional history , namely their imagined historical development in the history of Middle-Earth
21) These tasks often entail the embalming and burial or cremation of the dead , as well as the planning and arrangement of the Actual funeral ceremony
22) The Actual international border bridge crossing is between Wellesley Island in the United States and Hill Island in Canada
23) Readers , who had never before been exposed to the horrors of nuclear war from the perspective of the Actual people who lived through it , were quick to pick up copies , and the edition sold out within just a few hours
24) Additionally , mainstream is sometimes a codeword used for an Actual ethnocentric or hegemonic subculture point of view , especially when delivered in a culture war speech
25) When their promised visit to the Park and consequent introduction to these young ladies took place, they found in the appearance of the eldest, who was nearly thirty, with a very plain and not a sensible face, nothing to admire; but in the other, who was not more than two or three and twenty, they acknowledged considerable beauty; her features were pretty, and she had a sharp quick eye, and a smartness of air, which though it did not give Actual elegance or grace, gave distinction to her person.— Their manners were particularly civil, and Elinor soon allowed them credit for some kind of sense, when she saw with what constant and judi144 Sense and Sensibility cious attention they were making themselves agreeable to Lady Middleton.
26) The Mahasiddhas are Actual people who lived in the past who had magical powers because of their spiritual practice
27) The names jay and magpie are somewhat interchangeable , and the Actual evolutionary relationships are rather complex
28) But to speak seriously, there are good grounds for hoping that all dogmatizing in philosophy, whatever solemn, whatever conclusive and decided airs it has assumed, may have been only a noble puerilism and tyronism; and probably the time is at hand when it will be once and again understood WHAT has Actually sufficed for the basis of such imposing and absolute philosophical edifices as the dogmatists have hitherto reared: perhaps some popular superstition of immemorial time (such as the soul-superstition, which, in the form of subject- and ego-superstition, has not yet ceased doing mischief): perhaps some play upon words, a deception on the part of grammar, or an audacious generalization of very restricted, very personal, very humanóall-too-human facts.  Beyond Good and Evil The philosophy of the dogmatists, it is to be hoped, was only a promise for thousands of years afterwards, as was astrology in still earlier times, in the service of which probably more labour, gold, acuteness, and patience have been spent than on any Actual science hitherto: we owe to it, and to its ësuper- terrestrialspretensions in Asia and Egypt, the grand style of architecture.
29) Some advanced game port joysticks supports more than 4 buttons -LRB- e.g. 6 or 8 -RRB- but typically require a special device driver for the additional buttons to work properly , since the game port doesnt have Actual hardware support for more than 4 distinct buttons
30) There is, then, a tension between the Actual events of a Fielding novel, which suggest that the world is a fairly grim place, and the formal organization of those events, which suggests symmetry, poetic justice and harmonious resolution.