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1) It is Attested in writing as early as the 1830s
2) The Old English terms ├Žnglisc and Angelcynn -LRB- `` Angle-kin ' , gens Anglorum -RRB- when they are first Attested had already lost their original sense of referring to the Angles to the exclusion of the Saxons , and in their earliest recorded sense refers to the nation of Germanic peoples who settled England and southern Scotland in and after the 5th century
3) Osiris is first Attested in the middle of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt , although it is likely that he was worshipped much earlier ; Griffiths , John Gwyn (1980)
4) The earliest Attested form of the name is the Mycenaean Greek a-re-ka-sa-da-ra , written in Linear B syllabic script.a-re-ka-sa-da-ra -LRB- Alexandra -RRB- Palaeolexicon , Word study tool of ancient languagesThe Mycenaean World , by John Chadwick , New York : Cambridge University Press , 1976 , 1999
5) Calvert Watkins , Americaan Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots revised second edition , p 60 The combined form arsehole is first Attested from 1500 in its literal use to refer to the anus
6) The metaphorical use of the word to refer to the worst place in a region -LRB- e.g. , `` the arsehole of the world ' -RRB- is first Attested in print in 1865 ; the use to refer to a contemptible person is first Attested in 1933
7) By the fourth century BC the fundamentals of the Romulus and Remus story were standard Roman fare ; by 269 BC the wolf and suckling twins are Attested on one of the earliest , if not the earliest issues of Roman silver coinage
8) The term `` Canadian English ' is first Attested in a speech by the Reverend A. Constable Geikie in an address to the Canadian Institute in 1857
9) The application of the term gnome in English is first Attested in the 1930s
10) Migration of Germanic peoples to Britain from what is now northern Germany , the northern part of the Netherlands and southern Scandinavia is Attested from the 5th century -LRB- e.g. Undley bracteate -RRB-
11) , Henry George Liddell , Robert Scott , A Greek-English Lexicon , on Perseus Digital Library The earliest Attested form of the word kardamon is the Mycenaean Greek ka-da-mi-ja , written in Linear B syllabic script