1) A branching perennial plant (Cichorium Intybus) with bright blue flowers, growing wild in Europe, Asia, and America; also cultivated for its roots and as a salad plant; succory; wild endive. See Endive.

2) The root, which is roasted for mixing with coffee.

Example Sentences for


1) Some ingredients used include : almond , acorn , asparagus , malted barley , beechnut , beetroot , carrot , Chicory root , corn , cottonseed , dandelion root -LRB- see dandelion coffee -RRB- , fig , boiled-down molasses , okra seed , pea , persimmon seed , potato peel , Potato Coffee rye , sassafras pits , sweet potato , wheat bran
2) `` Cornflower ' is also erroneously used for Chicory , and more correctly for a few other Centaurea species ; to distinguish C. cyanus from these it is sometimes called Common Cornflower
3) Ground roasted Chicory root has been sold commercially on a large scale since around 1970 , and it has become a mainstream product , both alone and mixed with real coffee