1) A band of singers and dancers.

2) A company of persons supposed to behold what passed in the acts of a tragedy, and to sing the sentiments which the events suggested in couplets or verses between the acts; also, that which was thus sung by the chorus.

3) An interpreter in a dumb show or play.

4) A company of singers singing in concert.

5) A composition of two or more parts, each of which is intended to be sung by a number of voices.

6) Parts of a song or hymn recurring at intervals, as at the end of stanzas; also, a company of singers who join with the singer or choir in singer or choir in singing such parts.

7) The simultaneous of a company in any noisy demonstration; as, a Chorus of shouts and catcalls.

v. i.

1) To sing in chorus; to exclaim simultaneously.

Example Sentences for


1) Like a work of art – indeed, like a novel – the nation is polyphonic, internally differentiated, a Chorus of many voices orchestrated into one.
2) Between 1984 and 2000 he worked with Dieter Bohlen in Modern Talking and Blue System , as part of the Chorus
3) `` Fling ' , track eight on the album , `` boasts a manic shoutalong Chorus ' and `` offers a kind of nuclear-powered punk-funk '
4) The word `` Chorus ' can also be used for the name of a choir
5) Like a work of art – indeed, like a novel – the nation is polyphonic, internally differentiated, a Chorus of many voices orchestrated into one.
6) We behold, with throbbing bosoms, the heroine in the grasp of a proud and ruthless baron: her virtue and her life alike in danger, drawing forth her dagger to preserve the one at the cost of the other; and just as our ex- 188 Oliver Twist pectations are wrought up to the highest pitch, a whistle is heard, and we are straightway transported to the great hall of the castle; where a grey-headed seneschal sings a funny Chorus with a funnier body of vassals, who are free of all sorts of places, from church vaults to palaces, and roam about in company, carolling perpetually.
7) In typical 18th to 21st century oratorios and masses , Chorus or choir is usually understood to imply more than one singer per part , in contrast to the quartet of soloists also featured in these works
8) The first thing she heard was a general Chorus of There goes Bill!sthen the Rabbit’s voice along—‘Catch him, you by the hedge!sthen silence, and then another confusion of voices—‘Hold up his head—Brandy now—Don’t choke him—How was it, old fellow?
9) The bridge melody of `` Build God , Then Well Talk ' is a derivative of the melody of the Chorus of `` My Favorite Things ' from The Sound of Music
10) At last the Dodo said, everybody has won, and all must have prizes.’ ‘But who is to give the prizes?squite a Chorus of voices asked. ‘Why, she, of course,ssaid the Dodo, pointing to Alice with one finger; and the whole party at once crowded round her, calling out in a confused way, Prizes!
11) A Chorus of voices invited him to begin his own supper and Lily came forward with three potatoes which she had reserved for him. ‘Very well,ssaid Gabriel amiably, as he took another preparatory draught, kindly forget my existence, ladies and gentlemen, for a few minutes.’
12) According to the Liszt biographer Alan Walker , the Weimar orchestra of the 1880s was far from its peak of a few decades earlier -- and the opera performance ended with orchestra going one way and Chorus another
13) In official or public parties , as well as in public schools , shall be sung only the first and last verses and the Chorus of the National Song sanctioned by the General Assembly on May 11 , 1813 . '
14) He first appeared in opera in the Chorus and in small roles at the Glyndebourne Festival between 1972 and 1976
15) The Seasons is written for a fairly large late-Classical orchestra , a Chorus singing mostly in four parts , and three vocal soloists , representing archetypal country folk : Simon -LRB- bass -RRB- , Lucas -LRB- tenor -RRB- , and Hanne -LRB- soprano -RRB-
16) From 1921 to 1924 , he was Weingartners assistant at the Vienna Volksoper where he worked as repetiteur and Chorus master
17) Takuya -LRB- guitar -RRB- uses a White-brown Fender , a Paul Reed Smith , a G&L Telecaster , a Dean and some stompboxes , including the Boss Super Chorus and MXR/Phase 90
18) The Chorus is written below :
19) Famous extracts from his operas include the `` Ride of the Valkyries ' and the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin , popularly known as the wedding march `` Here Comes the Bride '
20) Paul McCartney -- vocal , Chorus vocal , piano , rhythm guitar
21) A noisy Chorus of frogs began, loud calls as males searched for females
22) And a Chorus of pewter mugs, tapped with impatient hands against the oak tables of the coffee-room, accompanied the shouts for mine host’s buxom daughter. ‘Sally!sshouted a more persistent voice, are ye goinsto be all night with that there beer?’ ‘I do think father might get the beer for them,smuttered Sally, as Jemima, stolidly and without further comment, took a couple of foam-crowned jugs from the shelf, and began filling a number of pewter tankards with some of that home-brewed ale for which The Fisherman’s Restshad been famous since that days of King Charles. ‘E knows ow busy we are in ere.’ ‘Your father is too busy discussing politics with Mr ‘Empseed to worry isself about you and the kitchen,sgrumbled Jemima under her breath.
23) That day and the next , McCartney overdubbed his lead vocals and rhythm guitar , Harrison added lead guitar , and all three sang the Chorus
24) The horse was whipped up and the cab rattled off along the quay amid a Chorus of laughter and adieus.
25) In de Waarts final season , 1984-85 , there were four sold-out performances of Mahlers hugh Eighth Symphony with the Symphony Chorus , the Masterworks Chorale , the San Francisco Boys Chorus , and the San Francisco Girls Chorus
26) Musically , the song is a glossy take on a basic grunge format with delicate , sparsely-instrumented verses alternating with loud , aggressive Chorus sections
27) George Harrison -- Chorus vocal , lead guitar , six - string bass
28) The word Chorus is used for the choir in an opera or oratorio or similar large work where there are also soloists -LRB- Soloists and Chorus -RRB-
29) A Chorus of birds began, each trying to outdo the other as the strange music rang through the trees
30) The song uses a verse-Chorus form where the main four-chord riff is used during the intro and Chorus to create an alternating loud and quiet dynamic