1) A plane figure, bounded by a single curve line called its circumference, every part of which is equally distant from a point within it, called the center.

2) The line that bounds such a figure; a circumference; a ring.

3) An instrument of observation, the graduated limb of which consists of an entire circle.

4) A round body; a sphere; an orb.

5) Compass; circuit; inclosure.

6) A company assembled, or conceived to assemble, about a central point of interest, or bound by a common tie; a class or division of society; a coterie; a set.

7) A circular group of persons; a ring.

8) A series ending where it begins, and repeating itself.

9) A form of argument in which two or more unproved statements are used to prove each other; inconclusive reasoning.

10) Indirect form of words; circumlocution.

11) A territorial division or district.

12) To move around; to revolve around.

13) To encompass, as by a circle; to surround; to inclose; to encircle.

v. i.

1) To move circularly; to form a circle; to circulate.

Example Sentences for


1) Keenan is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum rock bands Tool and A Perfect Circle with whom he has released four and three studio albums , respectively
2) So we turned off half the Circle of gigawatt lasers and went out about a klick beyond the parimeter, one platoon at a time, accompanied by either me or Charlie.
3) After Shams came into his life, his Circle of love became so vast it included even the most fallen of society—prostitutes, drunks, and beggars, the scum of the scum.
4) Do you mean to say anything, you young shaver?’ ‘No,sreplied the Dodger, not here, for this ain’t the shop for justice: besides which, my attorney is a breakfasting this morning with the Wice President of the House of Commons; but I shall have something to say elsewhere, and so will he, and so will a wery numerous and spectable Circle of acquaintance as’ll make them beaks wish they’d never been born, or that they’d got their footmen to hang em up to their own hat-pegs, afore they let em come out this morning to try it on upon me.
5) Losing myself in a Circle of addicts, becoming a regular at all-night parties and dance clubs in an Amsterdam I had never known before, I looked for comfort and compassion in all the wrong places.
6) A Circle is a simple shape of Euclidean geometry consisting of those points in a plane which are equidistant from a given point called the center -LRB- or center ; cf
7) He coughed twice, dropping flat both times to distort the sound, signaling to Franz to Circle around and stay under shelter, then he was up and running again, covering as much ground as possible before the sniper could possibly recover
8) Still, if his route had been compromised, it was possible the rebels had sent an assassin to Circle ahead and lie in wait for him
9) From 1890 on , she lived in Paris and moved in an artistic Circle with painters of the `` Ile de la Grande Jatte ' in Montmartre
10) Like most of her class and Circle she made anti-Semitic remarks, but unlike most of them she also married a down-at-heel Jewish socialist, and through him gained access to the world of active left-wing politics.
11) Novels of several members of the Godwin Circle repeat the sentiment that in order to be free, a man must be capable of supporting himself.
12) It is believed that the Gadigal people once lived in the area starting from the south side of Port Jackson -LRB- South Head , Watsons Bay -RRB- , heading west in a semi Circle cutting through Petersham
13) How could I a minor element in God’s vast Circle of creation, belittle another element in the Circle, be it an animal or a human being?
14) The remainder of the video presents Knowles dancing on top of a sugar cube , dancing with backing dancers whose faces are partially concealed , lying in a Circle of light , and riding a mechanical bull
15) At length as darkness settled upon the jungle the apes commenced to bestir themselves, and soon they formed a great Circle about the earthen drum.
16) Now they had tied their poor victim to a great post near the center of the village, directly before Mbonga’s hut, and here they formed a dancing, yelling Circle of warriors about him, alive with flashing knives and menacing spears.
17) Suddenly I wasn’t thinking of Daisy and Gatsby any more but of this clean, hard, limited person who dealt in universal skepticism and who leaned back jauntily just within the Circle of my arm.
18) And in the middle of the Circle was the master, his lips neatly pursed, his eyes hazy.
19) The festivities were delayed awaiting the return of the warriors who had remained to engage in the skirmish with the white men, so that it was quite late when all were in the village, and the dance of death commenced to Circle around the doomed officer.
20) One radian is the angle subtended at the center of a Circle by an arc that is equal in length to the radius of the Circle
21) To find the area of a Circle , simply use the formula -LRB- radius -RRB-
22) Most people never imagine being able to gain access to the public megaphone or have anyone outside their immediate social Circle pay the slightest attention to what they say or believe
23) In the circular accelerator , particles move in a Circle until they reach sufficient energy
24) The Circle closed up again with a running murmur of expostulation; it was a minute before I could see anything at all.
25) The radius of a Circle is a line from the center of the Circle to a point on the side
26) The Circle closed up again with a running murmur of expostulation; it was a minute before I could see anything at all.
27) Once again we sat in a wide Circle around the master and listened to him talk about this prominent scholar of Islam who knew everything, except the pits of love.
28) At length she was compelled to turn into the dense thicket and attempt to force her way to the west in an effort to Circle around the flames and reach the house.
29) His mind, as if magnetised again by his speech, seemed to Circle slowly round and round its new centre.
30) The Arctic is the region north of the Arctic Circle