1) imp. of Find. Found.


1) Foolish; silly; simple; weak.

2) Foolishly tender and loving; weakly indulgent; over-affectionate.

3) Affectionate; loving; tender; -- in a good sense; as, a fond mother or wife.

4) Loving; much pleased; affectionately regardful, indulgent, or desirous; longing or yearning; -- followed by of (formerly also by on).

5) Doted on; regarded with affection.

6) Trifling; valued by folly; trivial.

v. i.

1) To be fond; to dote.

v. t.

1) To caress; to fondle.

Example Sentences for


1) I could use one of those drinks you’re so Fond of making
2) Their dress was very smart, their manners very civil, they were delighted with the house, and in raptures with the furniture, and they happened to be so doatingly Fond of children that Lady Middleton’s good opinion was engaged in their favour before they had been an hour at the Park.
3) Her heart was devoted to Willoughby, and the Fond attachment to Norland, which she brought with her from Sussex, was more likely to be softened than she had thought it possible before, by the charms which his society bestowed on her present home.
4) Everyone was so Fond of Maria.
5) Lord!sthinks she to herself, they are all so Fond of Lucy, to be sure they will make no difficulty about it;sand so, away she went to your sister, who was sitting all alone at her carpet-work, little suspecting what was to come—for she had just been saying to your brother, only five minutes before, that she thought to make a match between Edward and some Lord’s daughter or other, I forget who.
6) Everything that you see around, including the things you might not be Fond of and even the people you despise or abhor, is present within you in varying degrees.
7) He was very Fond of driving by night, and she had very quickly adopted his fancy: as she sat next to him hour after hour, admiring the dexterous, certain way in which he handled the reins, she often wondered what went on in that slow-going head of his.
8) I am not Fond of nettles or thistles, or heath blossoms.
9) Since his youth , he had been Fond of woodcraft and military scouting , and -- as part of their training -- showed his men how to survive in the wilderness
10) He was charged with attempting to pick a pocket, and they found a silver snuff-box on him,—his own, my dear, his own, for he took snuff himself, and was very Fond of it.
11) To avoid a comparative poverty, which her affection and her society would 384 Sense and Sensibility have deprived of all its horrors, I have, by raising myself to affluence, lost every thing that could make it a blessing.’ ‘You did then,ssaid Elinor, a little softened, believe yourself at one time attached to her?’ ‘To have resisted such attractions, to have withstood such tenderness!—Is there a man on earth who could have done it?—Yes, I found myself, by insensible degrees, sincerely Fond of her; and the happiest hours of my life were what I spent with her when I felt my intentions were strictly honourable, and my feelings blameless.
12) Are you aweer, Mrs Mann, that you are, as I may say, a porochial delegate, and a stipendiary?’ ‘I m sure Mr Bumble, that I was only a telling one or two of the dear children as is so Fond of you, that it was you a coming,sreplied Mrs Mann with great humility.
13) The cats had to be placed one by one into the sling and hauled across the river, something neither of them was too Fond of doing
14) I acceded with pleasure to this proposition: I was Fond of exercise, and Clerval had always been my favourite companion in the rambles of this nature that I had taken among the scenes of my native country.
15) It cannot be effaced from a manís soul what his ancestors have preferably and most constantly done: whether they were perhaps diligent economizers attached to a desk and a cash-box, modest and citizen-like in their desires, modest also in their virtues; or whether they were accustomed to commanding from morning till night, Fond of rude pleasures and probably of still ruder duties and responsibilities; or whether, finally, at one time or another, they have sacrificed old privileges of birth and possession, in order to live wholly for their faithófor their God,íó as men of an inexorable and sensitive conscience, which blushes at every compromise.
16) They even say for two men to be so Fond of each other there has to be an unspeakable bond between them,” I said, my voice failing me toward the end.
17) I have frequently thought that I must have been intended by nature to be Fond of low company, I am so little at my ease among strangers of gentility!’ ‘Marianne has not shyness to excuse any inattention of hers,ssaid Elinor. ‘She knows her own worth too well for false shame,’ replied Edward.
18) I have thought hard about this and frankly can offer only one reason: I have grown Fond of Shams.
19) No! there was no room for any Fond delusions!
20) He knew the inner side of all affairs and was Fond of delivering final judgments.
21) He was Fond of using soldierssobscenities: usually he came home in the small hours.
22) Had he married a more amiable woman, he might have been  Sense and Sensibility made still more respectable than he was:—he might even have been made amiable himself; for he was very young when he married, and very Fond of his wife.
23) With such a confederacy against her—with a knowledge so intimate of his goodness—with a conviction of his Fond attachment to herself, which at last, though long after it was observable to everybody else—burst on her—what could she do?
24) I m of the same importance to you, as you are to yourself.’ ‘I say,sinterrupted Mr Bolter, yer a very nice man, and I m very Fond of yer; but we ain’t quite so thick together, as all that comes to.’ ‘Only think,ssaid Fagin, shrugging his shoulders, and stretching out his hands; only consider.
25) I am very Fond of you children, and I feel responsible for your welfare
26) But though confidence between them was, by this public discovery, restored to its proper state, it was not a subject on which either of them were Fond of dwelling when alone.
27) Oh! that was extremely funny, for as often as not the  The Scarlet Pimpernel fugitive would prove to be a woman, some proud marchioness, who looked terribly comical when she found herself in Bibot’s clutches after all, and knew that a summary trial would await her the next day and after that, the Fond embrace of Madame la Guillotine.
28) Everyone was so Fond of Maria.
29) I remembered how you were Fond of silk and silkworms.
30) Since his youth , he was Fond of woodcraft and military scouting