1) Temper; natural disposition; inclination.

2) A sort of spice, the grain of paradise.


1) A single small hard seed; a kernel, especially of those plants, like wheat, whose seeds are used for food.

2) The fruit of certain grasses which furnish the chief food of man, as corn, wheat, rye, oats, etc., or the plants themselves; -- used collectively.

3) Any small, hard particle, as of sand, sugar, salt, etc.; hence, any minute portion or particle; as, a grain of gunpowder, of pollen, of starch, of sense, of wit, etc.

4) The unit of the English system of weights; -- so called because considered equal to the average of grains taken from the middle of the ears of wheat. 7,000 grains constitute the pound avoirdupois, and 5,760 grains the pound troy. A grain is equal to .0648 gram. See Gram.

5) A reddish dye made from the coccus insect, or kermes; hence, a red color of any tint or hue, as crimson, scarlet, etc.; sometimes used by the poets as equivalent to Tyrian purple.

6) The composite particles of any substance; that arrangement of the particles of any body which determines its comparative roughness or hardness; texture; as, marble, sugar, sandstone, etc., of fine grain.

7) The direction, arrangement, or appearance of the fibers in wood, or of the strata in stone, slate, etc.

8) The fiber which forms the substance of wood or of any fibrous material.

9) The hair side of a piece of leather, or the marking on that side.

10) The remains of grain, etc., after brewing or distillation; hence, any residuum. Also called draff.

11) A rounded prominence on the back of a sepal, as in the common dock. See Grained, a., 4.

12) To yield fruit.

13) To form grains, or to assume a granular ferm, as the result of crystallization; to granulate.

14) A branch of a tree; a stalk or stem of a plant.

15) A tine, prong, or fork.

16) One the branches of a valley or of a river.

17) An iron first speak or harpoon, having four or more barbed points.

18) A blade of a sword, knife, etc.

19) A thin piece of metal, used in a mold to steady a core.

v. & n.

1) See Groan.

v. t.

1) To paint in imitation of the grain of wood, marble, etc.

2) To form (powder, sugar, etc.) into grains.

3) To take the hair off (skins); to soften and raise the grain of (leather, etc.).

Example Sentences for


1) It is easy to work and the Grain is straight with long , clear sections without knots
2) roller mill , equipment for the grinding or pulverizing of Grain and other raw materials using cylinders
3) All the systems of morals which address themselves with a view to their happiness,sas it is calledówhat else are they but suggestions for behaviour adapted to the degree of DANGER from themselves in which the individuals live; recipes for their passions, their good and bad propensities, insofar as such have the Will to Power and would like to play the master; small and great expediencies and elaborations, permeated with the musty odour of old family medicines and old-wife wisdom; all of them grotesque 110 Beyond Good and Evil and absurd in their formóbecause they address themselves to all,sbecause they generalize where generalization is not authorized; all of them speaking unconditionally, and taking themselves unconditionally; all of them flavoured not merely with one Grain of salt, but rather endurable only, and sometimes even seductive, when they are over-spiced and begin to smell dangerously, especially of the other world.í
4) Hulless barley has been investigated for several potential new applications as whole Grain , and for its value-added products
5) Salt : Grain of Life He is known mainly in the Eastern regions of France , although similar characters exist all over Europe -LRB- see Companions of Saint Nicholas -RRB-
6) Possible artificial fuels include radioactive isotopes , wood alcohol , Grain alcohol , methane , synthetic gas , cryogenic gas , hydrogen gas -LRB- H2 -RRB- and liquefied natural gas -LRB- LNG -RRB-
7) Midwest farmers can produce lots of Grain crops such as corn , oats , and , most importantly , wheat
8) But one should not be too much in the right if one wishes to have the laughers on ONEíS OWN side; a Grain of wrong pertains even to good taste. 152 Beyond Good and Evil 222.
9) In joinery , a groove is a or trench cut into a member which runs parallel to the Grain
10) If Marguerite had not taken up his time, if the soldiers had had a Grain of intelligence, if…it was a long if,sand Chauvelin stood for a moment quite still, and enrolled thirty odd people in one long, overwhelming anathema.
11) a silo where fermented Grain or hay -LRB- called ensilage or haylage -RRB- is stored
12) The Archimedes screw is still in use today for pumping liquids and granulated solids such as coal and Grain
13) Breeza has a Grain silo
14) I take their words with a Grain of salt, though, since their accounts are inconsistent and give too much credit to that rotten dervish.
15) Rye is a type of grass , usually grown as a Grain or forage crop -LRB- meaning that it is fed to animals -RRB-
16) The wood block is cut in the direction of the Grain of the wood
17) a gristmill grinds Grain into flour
18) Silt is granular material of a Grain size between sand and clay derived from soil or rock
19) Charlotte treated him ill, because Noah did; and Mrs Sowerberry was his decided enemy, because Mr Sowerberry was disposed to be his friend; so, between these three on one side, and a glut of funerals on the other, Oliver was not altogether as comfortable as the hungry pig was, when he was shut up, by mistake, in the Grain department of a brewery.
20) The decisive moment came in 405 BC when Sparta cut off the Grain supply to Athens from the Hellespont
21) A groove is something else than a dado , which runs across the Grain
22) In joinery , a groove is a slot or trench cut into a member which runs parallel to the Grain
23) The block is cut along the Grain of the wood -LRB- unlike wood engraving where the block is cut in the end-Grain -RRB-
24) A groove is thus differentiated from a dado , which runs across the Grain
25) For process engineering , several factors are important : magnification of the surface area of the solid ; manufacturing of solid with wanted Grain size ; and the material to the desired state
26) During the Imperial age Apulia was a flourishing area for production of Grain and oil , becoming the most important exporter to the Eastern provinces
27) Roasted Grain beverages are common substitutes for coffee
28) The door he built of pieces of the packing-boxes which had held their belongings, nailing one piece upon another, the Grain of contiguous layers running transversely, until he had a solid body some three inches thick and of such great strength that they were both moved to laughter as they gazed upon it.
29) It is a deliberately coat-trailing comment, one which cuts against the Grain of the cultural idealism (both then and now) of the social establishment.
30) It suggests that agriculture began in the hilly flanks of the Taurus and Zagros mountains , and that it developed from intensive focused Grain gathering in the region