1) of Have

Indic. present

1) of Have

v. t.

1) To hold in possession or control; to own; as, he has a farm.

2) To possess, as something which appertains to, is connected with, or affects, one.

3) To accept possession of; to take or accept.

4) To get possession of; to obtain; to get.

5) To cause or procure to be; to effect; to exact; to desire; to require.

6) To bear, as young; as, she has just had a child.

7) To hold, regard, or esteem.

8) To cause or force to go; to take.

9) To take or hold (one's self); to proceed promptly; -- used reflexively, often with ellipsis of the pronoun; as, to have after one; to have at one or at a thing, i. e., to aim at one or at a thing; to attack; to have with a companion.

10) To be under necessity or obligation; to be compelled; followed by an infinitive.

11) To understand.

12) To put in an awkward position; to have the advantage of; as, that is where he had him.

Example Sentences for


1) And I Have taken a fancy to you and the young woman; so I ve said the word, and you may make your minds easy.’
2) Couldn’t he Have some spark of manhood about him?’ ‘He doesn’t get a warm welcome from me when he comes,ssaid the old man.
3) Now only 3 % of adults in the Faroe Islands do not Have jobs , which is one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe
4) What will the moral philosophers who appear at this time Have to preach?
5) They Have no circulatory or respiratory system
6) We brought a hundred small robot drones for target practice so that you might Have at least a fighting chance when a live target comes over.
7) “What did you Have in mind?”
8) Your men might Have been caught in the act!’ ‘What if they had?
9) As a result , he was able to pinpoint his research to destinations like the Pinnacle Point cave , where the findings Have been made
10) And when time 234 Frankenstein shall Have softened your despair, new and dear objects of care will be born to replace those of whom we Have been so cruelly deprived.’
11) CD-R is a Write Once Read Many -LRB- WORM -RRB- optical medium , though the whole disk does not Have to be entirely written in the same session
12) I Have a bathtub
13) It had a handlebar , and looked like a bicycle of today , but it didn ` t Have pedals , and it had a wooden body
14) If he were disappointed in this expectation, then the money was to come to you: for then, and not till then, when both children were equal, would he recognise your prior claim upon his purse, who had none upon his heart, but had, from an infant, repulsed him with coldness and aversion.’ ‘My mother,ssaid Monks, in a louder tone, did what a woman should Have done.
15) Do you Have his name?' 'I'm sure it's here in our files
16) Whedon , Serenity : The Official Visual Companion , p. 17 When attempts to Have another network acquire the show failed , creator Joss Whedon attempted to sell it as a film
17) She has achieved seven Billboard Top 40 hits , and five studio albums of which four Have been positioned in the top 10 on Billboard 200 and besides that Have been certified by the RIAA , three gold and two Multi - Platinum
18) “You Have constantly spoken ill of me and Rumi, and of all the mystics along the Sufi path.”
19) He could not Have created Lovelace otherwise.
20) Among the many who Have a vague kind of suspicion that things might be better, are mingled a few, who seem very desirous they should remain as they are.
21) By whom can you Have heard it mentioned?’ ‘By many—by some of whom you know nothing, by others with whom you are most intimate, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Palmer, and the Middletons.
22) Elinor would not contend, and only replied, Whoever may Have been so detestably your enemy, let them be cheated of their malignant triumph, my dear sister, by seeing how nobly the consciousness of your own innocence and good intentions supports your spirits.
23) This question always throws them for a loop because they can see only one foot, but it would make sense for me to Have two.
24) I hastened to return home, and Elizabeth eagerly demanded the result. ‘My cousin,sreplied I it is decided as you may Have expected; all judges had rather that ten innocent should suffer than that one guilty should escape.
25) For it may be doubted, firstly, whether antitheses exist at all; and secondly, whether the popular valuations and antitheses of value upon which metaphysicians Have set their seal, are not perhaps merely superficial estimates, merely provi Beyond Good and Evil sional perspectives, besides being probably made from some corner, perhaps from belowóëfrog perspectives,sas it were, to borrow an expression current among painters.
26) He must Have been tired and walking slowly for he didn’t reach Gad’s Hill until noon.
27) Fiona, dead people Have sex more often than you do.
28) My eyes will never change, so I will always Have beautiful eyes.
29) See, if I were a leopard, I would Have noticed
30) She thanked him in the most ardent terms for his intended services towards her parent, and at the same time she gently deplored her own fate. ‘I Have copies of these letters, for I found means, during my residence in the hovel, to procure the implements of writing; and the letters were often in the hands of Felix or Agatha.