1) Being in a state of health; enjoying health; hale; sound; free from disease; as, a healthy chid; a healthy plant.

2) Evincing health; as, a healthy pulse; a healthy complexion.

3) Conducive to health; wholesome; salubrious; salutary; as, a healthy exercise; a healthy climate.

Example Sentences for


1) The master was a fat, Healthy man; but he turned very pale.
2) In every case the good characters, Fielding tells us, live happy, Healthy lives—the unpleasant or evil characters all suffer just fates.
3) There is currently no solid evidence to suggest that raw food is more Healthy than cooked food
4) So he used the fluid he got from cowpox lesions , and scratched it into Healthy people
5) Duval's proposal is in­ cluded not only as a foil to the rational and Healthy plan adopted for Evelina by Mr Villars but also as a detail in Burney's rendering of contemporary English society; undoubt­ edly, there were as many foolish Mme.
6) It's all very Healthy and nice, but I want to do something dissipated and wicked.
7) When my mum heard a big Healthy baby scream, she was relieved.
8) The report of the weapon, the first that Tarzan had ever heard, filled him with wonderment, but even this unaccustomed sound could not startle his Healthy nerves into even a semblance of panic.
9) A staunch vegan at a time when the word hadn’t been coined, she ate only Healthy things, exercised routinely, stayed away from drugs.
10) Long-lived and Healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems
11) Children who have been loved unconditionally by emotionally Healthy caregivers typically retain a good opinion of themselves for a lifetime, in spite of the losses and rejections they may face
12) A Healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve health
13) Children require for Healthy development a relatively stable environment, physically and emotionally
14) Education is seen as a tremendously powerful force, and although several of these novelists com­ plain that it is misused in many cases, especially with upper class children, they also suggest that society has an extraordinary potential for good precisely because of the promise that a so­ cially Healthy education holds out.
15) It Is Not the Answer That Enlightens but the Question of and whom we should draw close to? Is monogamy a natural and satisfying part of the human condition? What are Healthy and unHealthy ways to resolve conflict? How do we confront and deal with our mortality? How do we cope with loss? What is the role of sex in our search for lasting happiness? It is amazing how little instruction adolescents have to guide them
16) It's Healthy to look at where you are from time to time and to consider whether your actions and priorities are serving your highest purpose.
17) They ate simple, Healthy food, and none of them were enormous eaters.
18) Infants with this disease seem Healthy at birth but if left untreated suffer severe brain damage , and eventually die
19) By scratching the fluid from cowpox lesions into the skin of Healthy individuals , he was able to immunize those people against smallpox
20) She agrees that the Healthy adult's development depends on the child's education in benevolence, sensitivity, and reason.
21) They ate simple, Healthy food, and none of them were enormous eaters.
22) When you experience a tragedy or a personal crisis, it's perfectly normal and probably Healthy to go through stages of fear and anger and sadness, hurt at some point we all have to say: I m still here.
23) She had a normal, Healthy sex drive, but ever since she’d arrived, in spite of the terrible injury she suffered, need crawled through her body, an ever-present unrelenting ache that refused to go away
24) We need to employ the same discrimination that we attempt to use in our financial lives, namely an ability to discern value and a Healthy skepticism of those whose job it is to defraud us
25) I had been invited by the Reverend K K Devaraj, founder of Bombay Teen Challenge, which works to rescue people from sexual slavery and help them find better, Healthy lives.
26) (Half accomplished) Eliminate meat from your diet, make a Healthy menu every week, and start giving your body the respect it deserves.
27) In the 19th century Mzizima -LRB- Swahili for `` Healthy town ' -RRB- was a coastal fishing village on the periphery of Indian Ocean trade routes
28) We were remarkably Healthy victims of a terminal disease, trying to cram a lifetime of sensation into a half of a year.
29) A Healthy human prostate is classically said to be slightly larger than a walnut
30) When my mum heard a big Healthy baby scream, she was relieved.