1) A hollow, muscular organ, which, by contracting rhythmically, keeps up the circulation of the blood.

2) The seat of the affections or sensibilities, collectively or separately, as love, hate, joy, grief, courage, and the like; rarely, the seat of the understanding or will; -- usually in a good sense, when no epithet is expressed; the better or lovelier part of our nature; the spring of all our actions and purposes; the seat of moral life and character; the moral affections and character itself; the individual disposition and character; as, a good, tender, loving, bad, hard, or selfish heart.

3) The nearest the middle or center; the part most hidden and within; the inmost or most essential part of any body or system; the source of life and motion in any organization; the chief or vital portion; the center of activity, or of energetic or efficient action; as, the heart of a country, of a tree, etc.

4) Courage; courageous purpose; spirit.

5) Vigorous and efficient activity; power of fertile production; condition of the soil, whether good or bad.

6) That which resembles a heart in shape; especially, a roundish or oval figure or object having an obtuse point at one end, and at the other a corresponding indentation, -- used as a symbol or representative of the heart.

7) One of a series of playing cards, distinguished by the figure or figures of a heart; as, hearts are trumps.

8) Vital part; secret meaning; real intention.

9) A term of affectionate or kindly and familiar address.

v. i.

1) To form a compact center or heart; as, a hearting cabbage.

v. t.

1) To give heart to; to hearten; to encourage; to inspirit.

Example Sentences for


1) It was as if he’d understood with his Heart what I was thinking, and wanted to tell me that it was true, that I was very important to him.
2) His Heart beat quickly when he bethought himself of this; and he half resolved to turn back.
3) Women get a broken Heart and spend the rest of their life trying to find someone to fill that void.
4) My mind was at ease and my Heart was working against me, leaning in an unexpected direction. *~*~*~* I didn‟t say much once we got back to his place because I couldn‟t stop thinking about that moment we shared.
5) For three days the little cavalcade marched slowly through the Heart of this unknown and untracked forest, until finally, early in the fourth day, they came upon a little spot near the banks of a small river, which seemed less thickly overgrown than any ground they had yet encountered.
6) Any particular story-line is bound to be arbitrary, just as Marlow’s voyage in Heart of Darkness is gratuitous and unmotivated.
7) He saw his son lapsed to atheism, to the ESPRIT, to the pleasant frivolity of clever Frenchmenóhe saw in the background the great bloodsucker, the spider skepticism; he suspected the incurable wretchedness of a Heart no longer hard enough either for evil or good, and of a broken will that no longer commands, is no longer ABLE to command.
8) He was the Heart and soul of all her dreams.
9) Two years passed in this manner, during which I paid no visit to Geneva, but was engaged, Heart and soul, in the pursuit of some discoveries which I hoped to make.
10) Yet my Heart overflowed with kindness and the love of virtue.
11) `` Let Your Heart Sing ' - Katharine McPhee
12) Indeed, the much-quoted passage in Heart of Darkness which describes the ship firing its guns into the jungle concludes with the suggestion that there is indeed a hostile camp of nativessaround the place, so that the assault is perhaps not quite so insanesafter all.
13) The five-tier , R2 billion -LRB- approximately $ 159 million -RRB- Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was built overlooking the North End Lake , at the Heart of the city
14) Rachael’s fingers tangled in his hair, a gesture that always turned his Heart over
15) See here—look, look, my dear!’ ‘Not aunt,scried Oliver, throwing his arms about her neck; I ll never call her aunt—sister, my own dear sister, that something taught my Heart to love so dearly from the first!
16) Even The Fool of Quality, which has often been dismissed as merely a senti­ mental novel, presents almost all of its major demands for re­ form not to the reader's Heart but to his mind.
17) Parents involuntarily make something like themselves out of their childrenóthey call that educationî; no mother doubts at the bottom of her Heart that the child she has borne is thereby her property, no father hesitates about his right to HIS OWN ideas and notions of worth.
18) Then, when first she heard of this band of young English enthusiasts, who, for sheer love of their fellowmen, dragged women and children, old and young men, from a horrible death, her Heart had glowed with pride for them, and now, as Chauvelin spoke, her very soul went out to the gallant and mysterious leader of the reckless little band, who risked his life daily, who gave it freely and without ostentation, for the sake of humanity.
19) To Marianne it had all the distinguishing tenderness which a lover’s Heart could give, and to the rest of the family it was the affectionate attention of a son and a brother.
20) Her Heart was hardened against the belief of Mrs Jennings’s entering into her sorrows with any compassion. ‘No, no, no, it cannot be,sshe cried; she cannot feel.
21) Little Chandler sustained for one moment the gaze of her eyes and his Heart closed together as he met the hatred in them.
22) But it is also the ideology of the exile, one whose sense of identity has been undermined early on by the burden of an imperial autocracy, and who has lived through a profound historical crisis at the Heart of Europe.
23) My Heart jumped inside my chest.
24) When the coach turned into it, his Heart beat so violently, that he could scarcely draw his breath. ‘Now, my boy, which house is it?sinquired Mr Losberne. ‘That!
25) There is a blind spot at the very Heart of it.
26) As I turned the promontory I perceived a small neat town and a good harbour, which I entered, my Heart bounding with joy at my unexpected escape.
27) Women get a broken Heart and spend the rest of their life trying to find someone to fill that void.
28) She didn’t have the Heart to upset her mother after everything their father had done.
29) “I m having … a … Heart … attack …,” he said, in short sharp breaths.
30) It warmed my Heart to think of joy and sorrow as dependent on each other as a bird’s wings.