1) Having the heaves.

2) Heavily; -- sometimes used in composition; as, heavy-laden.


1) Heaved or lifted with labor; not light; weighty; ponderous; as, a heavy stone; hence, sometimes, large in extent, quantity, or effects; as, a heavy fall of rain or snow; a heavy failure; heavy business transactions, etc.; often implying strength; as, a heavy barrier; also, difficult to move; as, a heavy draught.

2) Not easy to bear; burdensome; oppressive; hard to endure or accomplish; hence, grievous, afflictive; as, heavy yokes, expenses, undertakings, trials, news, etc.

3) Laden with that which is weighty; encumbered; burdened; bowed down, either with an actual burden, or with care, grief, pain, disappointment.

4) Slow; sluggish; inactive; or lifeless, dull, inanimate, stupid; as, a heavy gait, looks, manners, style, and the like; a heavy writer or book.

5) Strong; violent; forcible; as, a heavy sea, storm, cannonade, and the like.

6) Loud; deep; -- said of sound; as, heavy thunder.

7) Dark with clouds, or ready to rain; gloomy; -- said of the sky.

8) Impeding motion; cloggy; clayey; -- said of earth; as, a heavy road, soil, and the like.

9) Not raised or made light; as, heavy bread.

10) Not agreeable to, or suitable for, the stomach; not easily digested; -- said of food.

11) Having much body or strength; -- said of wines, or other liquors.

12) With child; pregnant.

v. t.

1) To make heavy.

Examples Sentences for


1) According to a 2006 issue of Metal Hammer magazine , they are the most successful British Heavy metal band since Iron Maiden
2) The Heavy snowfall also contributes to a number of large glaciers , including the Canwell , Castner , Black Rapids , Susitna , Yanert , Muldrow , Eldridge , Ruth , Tokositna , and Kahiltna Glaciers
3) ‘Some of the pilgrims behind the stretcher carried his arms— two shot-guns, a Heavy rifle, and a light revolver-carbine— the thunderbolts of that pitiful Jupiter
4) A Heavy scene however awaited me, before I could leave Devonshire;—I was engaged to dine with you on that very day; some apology was therefore necessary for my breaking this engagement.
5) How snug he would have been beneath the Heavy coat of Sabor!
6) The two young men listened, whilst the Heavy tread of Mr Jellyband was heard echoing along the passage and staircase.
7) Then he imitated Farrington, saying, And here was my nabs, as cool as you please,swhile Farrington looked at the company out of his Heavy dirty eyes, smiling and at times drawing forth stray drops of liquor from his moustache with the aid of his lower lip.
8) a long , Heavy weapon with a matchlock or wheellock and loose powder fired with the gun barrel resting on a stand
9) So she sat on, with closed eyes, and half believed herself in Wonderland, though she knew she had but to open them again, and all would change to dull reality—the grass would be only rustling in the wind, and the pool rippling to the waving of the reeds—the rattling teacups would change to tinkling sheepbells, and the Queen’s shrill cries to the voice of the shepherd boy—and the sneeze of the baby, the shriek of the Gryphon, and all thy other queer noises, would 110 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland change (she knew) to the confused clamour of the busy farm-yard—while the lowing of the cattle in the distance would take the place of the Mock Turtle’s Heavy sobs.
10) Sometimes, you see, God expects you to help out with the Heavy lifting.
11) Rachael knocked a Heavy book to the floor
12) Unperceived, her soft clinging robe making not the slightest sound upon the Heavy carpet, not daring to breathe until she had accomplished her purpose, Marguerite slipped close behind him….
13) The woman was young, but of a robust and hardy make, as she need have been to bear the weight of the Heavy bundle which was strapped to her back.
14) A Heavy cloud of smoke was rising from the building
15) Single Although the song has not been officially released yet , it currently receives Heavy radio airplay on Mainstream Urban stations
16) He opened it, softly, with a key; strode lightly up the stairs; and entering his own room, double-locked the door, and lifting a Heavy table against it, drew back the curtain of the bed.
17) Though I had never believed in such nonsense and wasn’t going to start doing so now, as I stood watching the flame of Shams’s lamp flicker under the Heavy rain, I couldn’t stay still, I was trembling so.
18) He remained lost in thought for some minutes; and then, with a Heavy sigh, snuffed the candle, and, taking up the book which the Jew had left with him, began to read.
19) And I ll never forget the poetry of the advance party minus normally moves in a column formation with the platoon headquarters leading, followed by a laser squad, the Heavy weapons squad, and the remaining laser squad; the column relies on observation for its flank security except when the terrain and visibility dictate the need for small security detachments to the flanks, in which case the advance party commander will detail one platoon sergeant. . . and so on.
20) The reasoning is that children can understand words like `` cumbersome ' when told that it means `` big and Heavy and awkward . '
21) Sorrow was a Heavy burden and she felt it equally in both forms
22) I know how listlessly and wearily each of that wretched pair dragged on their Heavy chain through a world that was poisoned to them both.
23) The moon was trying valiantly to shed light in spite of the clouds and the Heavy canopy of foliage, but it was a mere sliver and far away
24) The Heavy truck rocked with the impact of thousands of tiny fiechettes.
25) I know how listlessly and wearily each of that wretched pair dragged on their Heavy chain through a world that was poisoned to them both.
26) Prior to forming Mortification he was in a traditional Heavy metal styled Christian band known as LightForce
27) The honour was readily granted, and he then departed, to make himself still more interesting, in the midst of an Heavy rain.
28) Its light was dim, and a Heavy writing-desk squatted in the middle
29) His early work is often concerned with the figure in the landscape and comprises many paintings of groups of large , Heavy figures in the landscape , imaginatively painted
30) So I kept resting my Heavy head on the table, sinking ever deeper into my stupor and listening to the usual sounds in the tavern.