v. t.

1) Full of, or burdened by, import; charged with great interests; restless; anxious.

2) Carrying or possessing weight or consequence; of valuable content or bearing; significant; weighty.

3) Bearing on; forcible; driving.

4) Importunate; pressing; urgent.

Example Sentences for


1) However , in traditional Judaism , all of the 613 mitzvot in the Torah are equally Important
2) Even more Important than those adventures are the many lives I might never have touched.
3) I have chosen ten virtues that I think most people would agree are Important to pursue: kindness, optimism, courage, loyalty, tolerance, flexibility, beauty, humor, honesty, and intelligence
4) He was one of the most Important and original composers of the 20th century
5) The Soan River is an Important stream of the Pothohar region of Pakistan
6) This is the first manifestation of a very Important effect that has heretofore been of interest only to theorists.
7) The Important energy levels in a crystal are the top of the valence band , the bottom of the conduction band , the Fermi energy , the vacuum level , and the energy levels of any defect states in the crystal
8) For example, a natural human reaction to being told what to do is to resist doing it until we receive an explanation of why we should and why the assigned task is Important to us or the organization of which we are a part
9) Red , the dominant color of the emblem , is an Important color in Chinese society , often signifying good luck
10) But he shook his head sadly. ‘Silent again, Sir Andrew?sshe said with some impatience. ‘Why do you shake your head and look so glum?’ 246 The Scarlet Pimpernel ‘Faith, Madame,she replied, ‘tis only because in making your rose-coloured plans, you are forgetting the most Important factor.’ ‘What in the world do you mean?—I am forgetting nothing….
11) In this book Gauss brings together results in number theory obtained by mathematicians such as Fermat , Euler , Lagrange and Legendre and adds Important new results of his own
12) Because of this very Important result of Luby and Rackoff , Feistel ciphers are sometimes called Luby-Rackoff block ciphers
13) An Important consequence of the theorem is that if there exists a deterministic polynomial time algorithm for solving Boolean satisfiability , then there exists a deterministic polynomial time algorithm for solving all problems in NP
14) Dr Blick's most Important clerical attribute is his agreeable art of assentation (vol.
15) It is also Important to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees F in a recipe that calls for sugar
16) The ABO system is the most Important blood-group system in human-blood transfusion
17) Nectar is economically Important because it is where the sugar for honey comes from
18) He was fascinated by her, and how normal and modest she was, despite her very Important job.
19) In England he made some Important friends , including Edward Thomas -LRB- a member of the group known as the Dymock Poets -RRB- , T.E. Hulme , and Ezra Pound
20) This may not be the snappiest of definitions, but it makes an Important point all the same.
21) Napoleon was not interested in having fancy food , but he knew of social contacts were Important for diplomts
22) The Important sights in the village are :
23) Just the process of considering such issues might encourage habits of thinking that teenagers could use later when confronting that most Important task of attaching meaning to their lives
24) Political ambition had caused him to seek transference from the army to the Colonial Office and so we find him, still young, entrusted with a delicate and Important commission in the service of the Queen.
25) It is a book in which myth, romance, Gothic, theatre, allegory, fantasy and biblical allusion play as Important a part as social realism, even though it is the only one of Eliot’s novels to be set in her own time.
26) It has the most Important port of the country and coffee and sugar are exported
27) And this is one Important reason why the novel has flourished so abundantly in England, since the novel (as we shall see when we come to look at George Eliot, Henry James and D H Lawrence) can be seen as a supremely moral form.
28) It was an Important one for UPI, and he knew the board and stockholders would be pleased.
29) And as this becomes clearer, plot becomes steadily less Important to the novel.
30) One of the most Important debates over the sermon is how it should be applied to everyday life