v. t.

1) Full of, or burdened by, import; charged with great interests; restless; anxious.

2) Carrying or possessing weight or consequence; of valuable content or bearing; significant; weighty.

3) Bearing on; forcible; driving.

4) Importunate; pressing; urgent.

Example Sentences for


1) Many straits are economically Important
2) The Medici family was a very Important family in Florence , Italy from the year 1300 to about 1600
3) A large flat box was fetched out of the gig; and a bedroom bell was rung very often; and the servants ran up and down stairs perpetually; from which tokens it was justly concluded that something Important was going on above.
4) The Este river connects the city to the Important Elbe river 6 miles north
5) After he died , Ben-Gurion was named one of Time Magazines 100 Most Important People of the Century
6) In a little while, the judge rose to his feet, saying he had some Important business to attend to.
7) However , it received some territory on the western bank of the Rhine , including the Important federal fortress at Mainz
8) I managed to free my hands from the ropes, with which the brute had trussed me; I always carry pencil and paper with me wherever I go, and I hastily scrawled a few Important instructions on a scrap of paper; then I looked about me.
9) Even if I learn nothing new on this path, at least I will have learned one Important thing: we have to take risks.”
10) At this phase of the ritual, the Sabbath resembled any other party; it was Important to ensure that all the guests were on the same wavelength.
11) Ahmad played Important roles in the Awami League and the Mujibnagar government-in-exile formed during the Bangladesh Liberation War
12) Syncopation has been an Important element of musical composition since at least the Middle Ages
13) ' One of the most Important directors in Hollywood
14) 1130 -- 45 -RRB- is the best known of a number of Important Romanesque illuminated manuscripts produced in the Abbey scriptorium
15) Théodore Géricault -LRB- September 26 , 1791 -- January 26 , 1824 -RRB- was an Important French painter , known for The Raft of the Medusa and other paintings
16) Henry George Liddell , Robert Scott , A Greek-English Lexicon , on Perseus Digital Library -RRB- is an organ found in virtually all vertebrate animals with Important roles in regard to red blood cells and the immune system
17) What he cared about was the person, male or female, not the title on the door, or how Important they thought they were.
18) From that night on, Wisdom and knowledge would be the most Important things in her life.
19) It is Important to hold His love in your heart because there will be times when you feel vulnerable.
20) Many Important people went to the funeral , like Chancellor Willy Brandt , and the Minister of Transport
21) One is that, although benevolence like Frank's is part of any man's duty, nevertheless it is Important that recipients be themselves de­ serving.
22) In short, it is a kind of thing that’—lowering his voice to an Important whisper—‘will be exceedingly welcome to ALL PARTIES.sRecollecting himself, however, he added, That is, I mean to say—your friends are all truly anxious to see you well settled; Fanny particularly, for she has your interest very much at heart, I assure you.
23) 1844 - One of the most Important battles of the Dominican War of Independence from Haiti takes place near the city of Santiago de los Caballeros
24) Self-forgiveness is just as Important as forgiving others.
25) “Today’s the day,” he went on, “and I know how Important it is to you.
26) In addition , the affection system will influence the story as the party member who cares for Lloyd the most will be `` paired off ' with him after an Important story point
27) From that night on, Wisdom and knowledge would be the most Important things in her life.
28) Despite never becoming Prime Minister , he is regarded as one of the most Important British politicians of the late 19th century and early 20th century , as well as a colourful character and renowned orator
29) And this is one Important reason why the novel has flourished so abundantly in England, since the novel (as we shall see when we come to look at George Eliot, Henry James and D H Lawrence) can be seen as a supremely moral form.
30) It was founded around 1958 -- 1959 by Malaclypse the Younger , who published its most Important text : the Principia Discordia