1) Leading or drawing; persuasive; tempting; -- usually followed by to.

2) Tending to induce or cause.

3) Leading to inferences; proceeding by, derived from, or using, induction; as, inductive reasoning.

4) Operating by induction; as, an inductive electrical machine.

5) Facilitating induction; susceptible of being acted upon by induction; as certain substances have a great inductive capacity.

Example Sentences for


1) For all these pursuits , it comes as no surprise that his best-known works are two voluminous books which attempt to map and systematize the development of the sciences , History of the Inductive Sciences (1837) and The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences , Founded Upon Their History (1840)
2) Philosophy of the Inductive sciences , founded upon their history , 2 vols
3) Following Immanuel Kant , he asserted against John Stuart Mill the a priori nature of necessary truth , and by his rules for the construction of conceptions he dispensed with the Inductive methods of Mill
4) History of the Inductive sciences , 3 vols
5) This definition of Inductive reasoning excludes mathematical induction , which is considered to be a form of deductive reasoning