1) A drama, either tragic or comic, of which music forms an essential part; a drama wholly or mostly sung, consisting of recitative, arials, choruses, duets, trios, etc., with orchestral accompaniment, preludes, and interludes, together with appropriate costumes, scenery, and action; a lyric drama.

2) The score of a musical drama, either written or in print; a play set to music.

3) The house where operas are exhibited.


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1) Many other composers used leitmotifs in a similar way to Wagner , e.g. Richard Strauss in his Operas , Elgar in his oratorios The Kingdom and The Apostles or Alban Berg in his Opera Lulu
2) However , Britten encountered opposition from sectors of the English musical establishment and gradually withdrew from the London scene , founding the English Opera Group in 1947 and the Aldeburgh Festival the following year , partly -LRB- though by no means solely -RRB- to perform his own works
3) On August 18 , 1843 the Linden Opera was destroyed by fire
4) It is known for its beauty , and in particular , as the location of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge
5) The stage was entirely re-constructed , and an enlarged backstage will allow more sets to be stored , permitting more productions , and the seats now include monitors for the electronic libretto system , allowing audiences to follow Opera libretti in English and Italian in addition to the original language
6) It was the last Opera that Britten wrote
7) The subject of talk was the Opera company which was then at the Theatre Royal.
8) After that , she got a part in another soap Opera , All My Children
9) After reunification , the Linden Opera rejoined the Operatic world
10) In addition to the standard narrative dialogue style of plays , theater takes such forms as musicals , Opera , ballet , illusion , mime , Indian dance , kabuki , mummers plays , stand-up comedy , pantomime , and non-conventional or arthouse theater
11) From 1891 he was Kapellmeister of the Royal Opera and conductor of symphony concerts in Berlin ; he resigned from the Opera , though continuing to conduct the Symphony concerts , and settled in Munich , where he incurred the enmity of Rudolf Louis and Ludwig Thuille
12) The Opera is divided into two acts
13) La traviata is an Italian Opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi , libretto by Francesco Maria Piave , after Alexandre Dumas , filss novel La dame aux camélias , published in 1848
14) Internet codecs : It includes an additional web browser -LRB- Opera -RRB- , Adobe Flash Player , and more communication software -LRB- aMSN and Skype -RRB-
15) After having undergone an extensive renovation , the Linden Opera reopened in April 1928 with a new production of Die Zauberflöte
16) It is the name of a famous Opera written by Giacomo Puccini
17) La Scala -LRB- -RRB- , is a world renowned Opera house in Milan , Italy
18) The Opera is a satire
19) Cavalli became so famous that he was invited to Paris in 1660 where he performed his Opera Xerxes
20) Star Wars , later retitled Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope , is an epic 1977 American space Opera film , written and directed by George Lucas
21) He made his début at La Scala in his hometown of Milan in 1960 and served as its music director from 1968 to 1986 , conducting not only the traditional Italian repertoire but also presenting a contemporary Opera each year , as well as a concert series devoted to the works of Alban Berg and Modest Mussorgsky
22) In 1962 he gave up writing for moving pictures when he became director of the Opéra National de Paris and then chairman of SACEM , the French Performing Rights Society
23) To date , it is the second major attempt at an African-American adaptation of the Opera , the first being the 1943 Broadway musical Carmen Jones and its 1954 Academy Award nominated and box office hit film adaptation
24) Some definitions of Opera : `` dramatic performance or composition of which music is an essential part , branch of art concerned with this ' -LRB- Concise Oxford English Dictionary -RRB- ; `` any dramatic work that can be sung -LRB- or at times declaimed or spoken -RRB- in a place for performance , set to original music for singers -LRB- usually in costume -RRB- and instrumentalists ' -LRB- Amanda Holden , Viking Opera Guide -RRB- ; `` musical work for the stage with singing characters , originated in early years of 17th century ' -LRB- Pears Cyclopaedia , 1983 ed . -RRB-
25) In 1726 Handels Opera Scipio -LRB- Scipione -RRB- was performed for the first time
26) Marsh left the group in 2002 and now plays Michelle Connor in the long-running soap Opera Coronation Street
27) After the collapse of the German Empire in 1918 , the Opera was renamed Staatsoper unter den Linden and the Königliche Kapelle became Kapelle der Staatsoper
28) His Opera Rodrigo was produced in Florence in 1707 , and his Agrippina at Venice in 1709
29) Surprisingly it does not mean a `` comic ' Opera
30) Death in Venice is an Opera in two acts by Benjamin Britten , his last