1) A drama, either tragic or comic, of which music forms an essential part; a drama wholly or mostly sung, consisting of recitative, arials, choruses, duets, trios, etc., with orchestral accompaniment, preludes, and interludes, together with appropriate costumes, scenery, and action; a lyric drama.

2) The score of a musical drama, either written or in print; a play set to music.

3) The house where operas are exhibited.


1) of Opus

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1) The subject of talk was the Opera company which was then at the Theatre Royal.
2) Burning Down the Opera (2003)
3) After the collapse of the German Empire in 1918 , the Opera was renamed Staatsoper unter den Linden and the Königliche Kapelle became Kapelle der Staatsoper
4) In 1911 , Bartók wrote his only Opera , Bluebeards Castle
5) According to the Liszt biographer Alan Walker , the Weimar orchestra of the 1880s was far from its peak of a few decades earlier -- and the Opera performance ended with orchestra going one way and chorus another
6) His liking for Mozart’s music brought him sometimes to an Opera or a concert: these were the only dissipations of his life.
7) Between 1791 and 1806 she was a premier-dancer of the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm
8) It is one of the two big Opera companies in London
9) After a year Handel seems to have been very unsatisfied and in 1703 , he moved to Hamburg , accepting a position as violinist and harpsichordist in the orchestra of the Opera house
10) Filippini was touring Australia in 1914 with a Spanish Opera company when World War I broke out ; Filippini stayed and later married one of his singing students , Anne McPharland
11) It is home to the Opéra Bastille
12) The Opera was revived in Naples in 1651 , but was then neglected until the rediscovery of the score in 1888 , after which it became the subject of scholarly attention in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
13) The Mozart Opera `` The Marriage of Figaro ' is premiered in Vienna
14) Handel was becoming a good Opera composer , but he wanted to learn more , so he went to Italy in 1706
15) Now, fair Marguerite Blakeney,she added viciously between his clenched teeth, I think that you will help me to find the Scarlet Pimpernel.’ 100 The Scarlet Pimpernel CHAPTER X IN THE Opera BOX I t was one of the gala nights at Covent Garden Theatre, the first of the autumn season in this memorable year of grace 1792.
16) He has served as music director of the La Scala Opera house in Milan , principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra , principal guest conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra , music director of the Vienna State Opera , and principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra from 1989 to 2002 , when he retired from the position for health reasons
17) After having undergone an extensive renovation , the Linden Opera reopened in April 1928 with a new production of Die Zauberflöte
18) Operas are usually performed in Opera houses
19) Before becoming a member of the Vienna Philharmonic the musicians have to work for at least three years in the Opera house -LRB- the Vienna State Opera -RRB-
20) After the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 , the Opera continued to perform music from the classical and romantic periods together with contemporary ballet and Operas
21) They do not need to develop powerful voices like Opera singers because they sing into microphones so that their voices are electronically amplified -LRB- made louder -RRB-
22) Wagner had wanted this Opera to be premiered as part of the entire cycle , but he was forced to allow the performance at the insistence of his patron King Ludwig II of Bavaria
23) The `` Stars of the White Nights ' is a series of classical ballet , Opera and orchestral performances at the Mariinsky Theatre and the Mariinsky Concert Hall
24) After sixteen performances , the Opera was not performed again in the Soviet Union until 1974 , when it was revived by Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Boris Pokrovsky
25) In 1962 he gave up writing for moving pictures when he became director of the Opéra National de Paris and then chairman of SACEM , the French Performing Rights Society
26) When the Opera was opened again in 1809 after it had been closed since 1806 , she performed with her five year old daughter in the ballet Dansvurmen
27) Krips moved to Belgrade , where he worked for a year with the Belgrade Opera and Philharmonic , until Yugoslavia also became involved in World War II
28) The Opera house where it performs is called the London Coliseum
29) At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century , the Royal Court Opera , Berlin , had many famous conductors
30) `` It was a tremendous experience for me , since most of those who were regulars at the pub were of a certain age , so I had to be ready to sing anything from huayños to Elvis Presley music and , in my mind , that served me a great deal because , in the final analysis , any music that is well structured -- whether it is jazz , Opera , or pop -- is good music '