1) Be silent; -- used elliptically for let there be silence, or keep silence.


1) The state of being silent; entire absence of sound or noise; absolute stillness.

2) Forbearance from, or absence of, speech; taciturnity; muteness.

3) Secrecy; as, these things were transacted in silence.

4) The cessation of rage, agitation, or tumilt; calmness; quiest; as, the elements were reduced to silence.

5) Absence of mention; oblivion.

v. t.

1) To compel to silence; to cause to be still; to still; to hush.

2) To put to rest; to quiet.

3) To restrain from the exercise of any function, privilege of instruction, or the like, especially from the act of preaching; as, to silence a minister of the gospel.

4) To cause to cease firing, as by a vigorous cannonade; as, to silence the batteries of an enemy.

Examples Sentences for


1) We spent many isolated moments together in Silence just staring at one another.
2) A formidable Silence hung over the scene
3) Pardon this intrusion,ssaid I I am a traveller in want of a little rest; you would greatly oblige me if you would allow me to remain a few minutes before the fire.’ ‘‘Enter,ssaid De Lacey, and I will try in what manner I can to relieve your wants; but, unfortunately, my children are from home, and as I am blind, I am afraid I shall find it difficult to procure food for you.’ ‘‘Do not trouble yourself, my kind host; I have food; it is warmth and rest only that I need.’ 158 Frankenstein ‘I sat down, and a Silence ensued.
4) There was Silence at the other end.
5) A fearful Silence descended on the dining hall.
6) She merely bowed; and bending over some plants that stood near, waited in Silence for him to proceed. ‘I I ought to have left here, before,ssaid Harry. ‘You should, indeed,sreplied Rose.
7) Then, ready to turn it back on immediately if anything went wrong, I pushed. 8 My radio was still tuned to the general frequency; after more than a week of Silence my ears were suddenly assaulted with loud, happy babbling.
8) A Silence took possession of the little room and, under cover of it, I approached the table and tasted my sherry and then returned quietly to my chair in the comer.
9) Sometimes I wished to express my sensations in my own mode, but the uncouth and inarticulate sounds which broke from me frightened me into Silence again. ‘The moon had disappeared from the night, and again, with a lessened form, showed itself, while I still remained in the forest.
10) If it is legitimate to try to teach teenagers the importance of maintaining their physical health, why not spend an equivalent time talking with them about their emotional health, how to recognize in others the qualities that make people suitable or unsuitable for long-term relationships, and how to nurture desirable traits in themselves? Our Silence on these subjects simply guarantees that all learning in these areas will be guided by peers and involve a lot of mistakes
11) He had lolled into the old-fashioned inn parlour, shaking the wet off his fine overcoat; then putting up a gold-rimmed eye-glass to his lazy blue eye, he surveyed the company, upon whom an embarrassed Silence had suddenly fallen. ‘How do, Tony?
12) A long Silence ensued; during which the Jew was plunged in deep thought, with his face wrinkled into an expression of villainy perfectly demoniacal.
13) In the 5th century , during this period of historical Silence , there is no doubt that many of the Frisians joined the migration of the Angles and Saxons who went through Frisian territory to invade Great Britain , while those who stayed on the continent expanded into the newly-emptied lands previously occupied by the Anglo-Saxons
14) There was Silence for a few moments. ‘Tell me, John,ssaid Mr O Connor, lighting his cigarette with another pasteboard card. ‘Hm? ‘What he is exactly?’ ‘Ask me an easier one,ssaid Mr Henchy. ‘Fanning and himself seem to me very thick.
15) I don’t know about that, but it is true that I find Silence painful these days.
16) The Silence came and Gabriel pushed back his chair.
17) It was a sequel to Silence of the Lambs
18) I was innocent; that could easily be proved; accordingly I followed my conductor in Silence and was led to one of the best houses in the town.
19) A Silence fell.
20) There was Silence in the old inn parlour for a moment, as the rustle of the Comtesse’s skirts died away down the passage.
21) A thick, sudden Silence ensued.
22) Polly knew that she was being watched, but still her mother’s persistent Silence could not be misunderstood.
23) Sombre garb and Silence meet: Dress for every dameódiscreet.
24) Half-raising herself on her hands, she strained every sense to see or hear, to know the meaning of this very earthly sound. 330 The Scarlet Pimpernel All was still again for the space of a few seconds; the same Silence once more fell upon the great and lonely vastness.
25) A stunned Silence descended upon the room, the sounds and sighs around us dissolving down to dust.
26) I listened to my father in Silence and remained for some time incapable of offering any reply.
27) I knew my Silence disquieted them, and I well remembered the words of my father: I know that while you are pleased with yourself you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear regularly from you.
28) But in the new Silence I felt that Silence had fallen within the house too.
29) The professor sat in Silence for a few minutes, and the darkness hid the grim smile that wreathed his wrinkled countenance.
30) Elinor, while she waited in Silence and immovable gravity, the conclusion of such folly, could not restrain her eyes 356 Sense and Sensibility from being fixed on him with a look that spoke all the contempt it excited.