1) Affecting; moving; pathetic; as, a touching tale.


1) The sense or act of feeling; touch.

p. pr. & vb. n.

1) of Touch


1) Concerning; with respect to.

Example Sentences for


1) Slovenia , officially the Republic of Slovenia -LRB- , -RRB- , is a country in Central Europe Touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean
2) Points -LRB- `` rounders ' -RRB- are scored by the batting team by completing a circuit around the field through four bases/posts without being put out - for example , by a ball they batted being caught-out or Touching a tagged base/post
3) It seems to go right through one,sadded the old man, Touching his side. ‘It must be a piercer, if it finds its way through your heart,’ said Mr Sikes.
4) She walked close to Gatsby, Touching his coat with her hand.
5) “He’s not Touching anything.
6) Water slapped at their bodies, frothing from the beat of the falls as millions of droplets entered the pool to swarm around them, Touching skin like fingers, stroking a river of sensation over them
7) Mr Hempseed, Touching his forelock, was quietly vacating the seat in the hearth.
8) Any alive cell that is Touching less than two alive neighbors dies
9) And a dreadful murder it was.’ ‘Was it, sir?srejoined the guard, Touching his hat.
10) There was barely enough space for two people, and his body was almost Touching hers.
11) The thought of him taking her wedding dress off and Touching her milky skin with his rough, ugly hands was revolting.
12) Without hesitation he lay down beside her, fitting his body around hers, careful to keep from Touching her leg
13) The wind shifted, Touching their faces with droplets of water
14) But only for a moment; the next he turned to Mr Hempseed, who was respectfully Touching his forelock. ‘Well, Mr Hempseed, and how is the fruit?’ ‘Badly, my lord, badly,sreplied Mr Hempseed, dolefully, ‘but what can you xpect with this ere government favourin’ them rascals over in France, who would murder their king and all their nobility.’ ‘Odd’s life!sretorted Lord Antony; so they would, honest Hempseed,—at least those they can get hold of, worse luck!
15) So, he spelt the bill through again, from beginning to end; and then, Touching his fur cap in token of humility, accosted the gentleman in the white waistcoat. ‘This here boy, sir, wot the parish wants to prentis,ssaid Mr Gamfield. ‘Ay, my man,ssaid the gentleman in the white waistcoat, with a condescending smile.
16) Quantum effects appear if the concentration of particles -LRB- N/V -RRB- n ` q. Here n ` q is the quantum concentration , for which the interparticle distance is equal to the thermal de Broglie wavelength , so that the wavefunctions of the particles are Touching but not overlapping
17) The thought of Touching the leech was disgusting, but it sickened her to see the thing sucking on him like the parasite it was
18) InuYasha the Movie : Affections Touching Across Time is a 2001 anime film that was directed by Katsuyuki Sumizawa
19) Twice in its history , Skokie has been the focus point of cases before the United States Supreme Court , once involving a First Amendment issue , the other Touching upon the Commerce Clause
20) Mr Hempseed, Touching his forelock, was quietly vacating the seat in the hearth.
21) Gabriel, trembling with delight at her sudden kiss and at the quaintness of her phrase, put his hands on her hair and began smoothing it back, scarcely Touching it with his fingers.
22) In all seriousness, the innocence of thinkers has something Touching and respectinspiring in it, which even nowadays permits them to wait upon consciousness with the request that it will give them HONEST answers: for example, whether it be realsor not, and why it keeps the outer world so resolutely at a distance, and other questions of the same description.
23) In nil wind , a flatland-long-gliding aircraft is a form of HPA where the thrust in the nil wind is provided by the running of the pilot ; when the pilot loses touch with the ground , his or her thrusting ceases to add energy to the flight system and a glide begins ; the pilot may or may not add energy after the pilot stops Touching the ground
24) Gabriel, trembling with delight at her sudden kiss and at the quaintness of her phrase, put his hands on her hair and began smoothing it back, scarcely Touching it with his fingers.
25) Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine noted that the song `` adds grit and Touching gravity to Deena '
26) Rachael couldn’t help the small thrill that went through her at the thought of Touching such a wild, elusive creature as a clouded leopard
27) A base-runner who touches home plate after Touching all previous bases in order scores a run
28) The basic principle of operation of thermionic diodes was discovered by Frederick Guthrie in 1873.1928 Nobel Lecture : Owen W. Richardson , `` Thermionic phenomena and the laws which govern them , ' December 12 , 1929 Guthrie discovered that a positively charged electroscope could be discharged by bringing a grounded piece of white-hot metal close to it -LRB- but not actually Touching it -RRB-
29) We sat there for some time, not Touching the exquisite food, ignoring the beauty around us and beneath us, only conscious of each other and the two sheets of paper that separated us with a gulf as wide and real as death.
30) The house was too small for the two of them to share unless they were together, and sleeping in the bed next to her and not Touching her was just plain impossible