1) The act of passing; passage through or over.

2) The act or process of causing to pass; conveyance; as, the transit of goods through a country.

3) A line or route of passage or conveyance; as, the Nicaragua transit.

4) The passage of a heavenly body over the meridian of a place, or through the field of a telescope.

5) The passage of a smaller body across the disk of a larger, as of Venus across the sun's disk, or of a satellite or its shadow across the disk of its primary.

6) An instrument resembling a theodolite, used by surveyors and engineers; -- called also transit compass, and surveyor's transit.

v. t.

1) To pass over the disk of (a heavenly body).

Example Sentences for


1) It is mostly known to be used by the New York City Police Department -LRB- NYPD -RRB- , the NYPD Transit Bureau -LRB- was called the New York City Transit Police -RRB- and the NYPD Housing Bureau -LRB- which was called the New York City Housing Authority Police Department -RRB- and other law enforcement agencies when they are at work in New York City
2) Singapore Mass Rapid Transit -LRB- MRT -RRB-
3) The Circle Line , a proposed rapid Transit line in Chicago
4) For example , the Computer Security Institute reported that in 2007 , 71 % of companies surveyed utilized encryption for some of their data in Transit , and 53 % utilized encryption for some of their data in storage
5) 1639 - Jeremiah Horrocks made the first observation of a Transit of Venus
6) Two years later , Ford introduced the Transit Connect , a smaller panel van based on the C170 -LRB- Focus -RRB- platform and aimed at replacing the older Escort and Fiesta based models
7) New York City Transit Police
8) If a binary star happens to orbit in a plane along our line of sight , its components will mutually eclipse and Transit each other ; these pairs are called eclipsing binaries , or , as they are detected by their changes in brightness during eclipses and Transits , photometric binaries
9) November 24 - Transit of Venus - the last not to be part of a pair
10) The Paris Métro or Métropolitain -LRB- -RRB- is a rapid Transit system in Paris , France
11) Ford Transit is a van produced by Ford Motor Company from 1965 to the present day
12) Image : Ford Transit front 20071231
13) From 1961 , this vehicle was called the Ford Taunus Transit
14) This includes stadiums , amusement parks , museums , and mass Transit stations
15) 1769 - A Transit of Venus is followed five hours later by a total solar eclipse , the shortest such interval in the historical past
16) It shares very little with the full-size Transit in terms of engineering , although is produced alongside the larger van in a new purpose built facility in Turkey
17) Perms public Transit network includes streetcar -LRB- tram -RRB- , bus , and trolleybus routes
18) The Ford Transit is a range of panel vans , minibuses , and pickup trucks , produced by the Ford Motor Company in Europe -LRB- including Turkey -RRB-
19) New York City Police Museum site Accessed January 26 , 2008 The Housing Police , along with the New York City Transit Police , was merged into the New York City Police Department in 1995 by New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and continues today as the Housing Bureau
20) A compact van produced by Ford , the Transit Connect is also available
21) Toronto Transit Commissions subway and RT system
22) The Paris Métro or Métropolitain -LRB- -RRB- is the rapid Transit metro system in Paris
23) Circle Line of Chicago ` L , proposed rapid Transit line in Chicago
24) The first van to wear the Transit badge was the Taunus Transit
25) Tokyo Metro -LRB- , -RRB- is one of two rapid Transit systems making up the Tokyo subway system , the other being Toei
26) Most rapid Transit systems are powered by a third rail , but some use pantographs , particularly ones that involve extensive above-ground running
27) Encryption is also used to protect data in Transit , for example data being transferred via networks -LRB- e.g. the Internet , e-commerce -RRB- , mobile telephones , wireless microphones , wireless intercom systems , Bluetooth devices and bank automatic teller machines
28) The Housing Police , as well as New York City Transit Police , became part of the New York City Police Department in 1995 by order of New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and is now called the Housing Bureau
29) Industrialcapitalist society in Eliot’s time was itself in Transit from an early unbridled individualism to a more corporate, regulated version of itself.
30) Image : Ford Taunus Transit 1964 1